A Quick Glance of Shibuya, Tokyo
It's a department store famous for unique and girly Japanese fashion.

A Quick Glance of Shibuya, Tokyo

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Hachiko Statue – The Akita Dog famous for being loyal to his master.

A Quick Glance of Shibuya, Tokyo

I went to Apple Store in Shibuya, Tokyo to check out something but it’s closed temporarily. I never expected an Apple Store would close. Luckily, Apple Store in Omotesando is just two train stations away.

As soon as you get to Shibuya, you may want to see the bronze statue, Hachiko first. He’s the famous dog for being unusually loyal to his master. I love taking photos using my smartphone while walking. There are just too many exciting/cute things here in Tokyo I can’t ignore. In this video, you will see some photos I took when I visited Shibuya, Tokyo Japan. There are some ‘attention getters’ that may ruin your itinerary if you plan to visit Shibuya, so beware. One day may not be enough to enjoy it.

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