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It was last year, 2017 when I decided to start to blog. I had a website but never published anything for over a year. I thought of the name “RingBeep” at that time because being in Japan in mid-90’s, my only way to talk to my family in the Philippines was by telephone. I miss those days that I had to speak to a telephone operator first to be connected to my mom on the phone. The sound of the phone ringing always got me excited, but the beep sound was painful. We had to end the phone conversation.  Anyway, “RingBeep” was born, and it’s now on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+  and more later. As of this moment, I just want to share anything that might be useful to any Filipinos especially to those who are away from the Philippines.  I hope non-Filipinos find this website interesting while getting to know more about us and our country. This website will have some funny contents, about my travel adventures and of course, music. On this website, I have my 17 years old niece, Samantha. Sam is in the Philippines. She’s really into video games, so you’ll see some posts about games.

Let me introduce myself properly. I’m Dolores Aguilar.  I’m a language teacher here in Tokyo, Japan. I teach English to Japanese as a foreign language. I’m Filipina and have lived half of my life away from my home country, the Philippines. I will write about Japan and their unique culture and traditions. I’m a mother of two grown-up children; the love of my life,❤ who are musicians. They both play Japanese rock music, creating songs from scratch.

A woman in black coat next to a flower box with red and pink flowers
Behind me is a Flower Box filled with red and pink flowers

I like exploring Japan, the Philippines and when I can, I try to visit some other countries. Music has always been a part of my everyday life. I listen to almost any kinds of music from slow rock to smooth jazz of the 70’s, the 80’s up to the present. I will write about music, that’s for sure. I love humor too! Of course, life is too short to be miserable! 🙂 How I wish I could tell jokes to my students.

I was never interested in politics until we have a new president. I have been so eager how he’s making our country a better one. I might write about politics. I’m neutral, trust me.

I’ve just started blogging, and I’m so new here. I’m thinking of writing anything about my life experiences, thoughts, and … my neighbors. 🙂

Let’s Create a Community!

 “Let Voice be Heard; Submit an Article”

I want to know how the internet makes people publish about anything, the joy we get from it, and that’s exactly how I want to use this space.

Join me on this journey of my life.  Feel free to send me articles in Pilipino or English, let’s make this space our own. 🙂

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