Beach Getaway from Tokyo
Shirahama Beach is the most popular beach which is very accessible by trains from Tokyo

Beach Getaway from Tokyo

The Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan is the famous beach getaway accessible by trains from Tokyo. It’s in the southwest of Tokyo where you can enjoy many beaches along its long coastline. The water is generally clearer making it famous too for scuba divers. It is also possible to snorkel and spot small fish and corals.

Crowded blue water white sandy Shirahama Beach in Shizuoka Japan
The most accessible from Tokyo and the most famous beach among over seven beaches in the Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture Japan

If you don’t want to carry some water sports gear, there are rental shops and very affordable. Food stalls and public toilets nearby each beach. “Shirahama Beach” is the most famous among the seven or more beaches on the peninsula, but if you want to enjoy the peace of being on a beach, there is “Shirahama Ohama Beach” which is a few kilometers away from “Shirahama Beach”. It is next to a shrine called “Shirahama Shrine.” If you are driving a car, it’s worth to check out “Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge” which connects two mountainsides. It is on Route 414 which leads the way to get to hot spring resorts of the Izu Peninsula. Built in 1982, it became popular and considered as one of the dangerous double spiral bridges in the world so the speed limit is 30km/hour. While driving slowly, you can enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the mountains.


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